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H. Pylori Urea Breath Test Detector Installed at Nepal A.P.F. Hospital

The system uses minuscule amounts of Carbon-14 attached to Urea molecules to detect the presence of H. pylori in the intestinal tract. When patients ingest the gaseous urea, wait for about 5 minutes, and then breathe back into the packet, the presence of H. pylori in the GI tract can be detected by the presence of carbon-14 in the exhaled breath’s carbon dioxide. If carbon-14 is detected in the exhaled sample, it indicates the presence of H. pylori, as only this bacterium can convert urea to carbon dioxide and ammonia in the GI tract, giving doctors a definitive diagnosis for starting curative and preventative treatments against this pathogen.

The H. pylori Analyzer, a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed to revolutionize the detection of Helicobacter pylori infections combines precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation to provide reliable results with minimal effort. Featuring an intuitive interface and automatic functionality, the H. pylori Analyzer ensures seamless integration into any medical facility. Its sophisticated detection technology guarantees accurate readings, while automatic fault diagnosis and background count deduction enhance the reliability and consistency of each test. With a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and a built-in thermal micro printer, healthcare professionals can quickly obtain and document results, streamlining the diagnostic process.

The H. pylori Analyzer stands out for its convenience and compatibility, requiring no manual input beyond inserting the test card. This makes it an ideal choice for busy clinical environments where time and accuracy are paramount. Moreover, the system supports computer connectivity for extensive data management and is fully compatible with hospital databases, facilitating smooth data integration and customized reporting. Lightweight and compact, the H. pylori Analyzer is designed for ease of use and mobility, ensuring it can be deployed wherever needed.

We are thankful to Nepal A.P.F. Hospital for trusting the H. pylori Analyzer to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable diagnostics, empowering healthcare providers at the Hospital to make informed decisions and enhance patient care.


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