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Image by Swasthyakhabar

RB Merchant Delivered Mammography Machine Handed Over to NCCF by Japanese Ambassador

RB Merchant takes great pride in being the chosen supplier of the Latest Mammography Machine, a thoughtful gift from the People of Japan to the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation. The momentous occasion was marked by a ceremonial event on July 24, 2023, where the esteemed Ambassador of Japan to Nepal formally handed over the equipment to the Foundation. This state-of-the-art mammography machine has been serving the people of Nepal since its installation in 2019, with exceptional reliability and superior image quality at the Satdobato Location of the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation.

Early cancer detection is crucial for effective treatment and improved patient outcomes. The mammography machine’s high-resolution imaging capabilities have been instrumental in enabling the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation to conduct comprehensive cancer screenings. By detecting cancer at its early stages, medical professionals can initiate treatment promptly, increasing the chances of successful outcomes and potentially saving lives.

Despite its invaluable contribution to healthcare, the official handover was slightly delayed due to the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. However, throughout the past four years, the mammography machine has proven its worth, tirelessly aiding in the Foundation’s efforts to provide efficient and accurate medical services to those in need.

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer affecting women worldwide, and Nepal is no exception. With the installation of the Latest Mammography Machine, the Women’s Clinic in Satdobato has witnessed significant advancements in breast cancer screening. The streamlined workflow and precise imaging have made it possible to conduct high throughput screenings, reaching more women and detecting potential cases earlier.

The generous donation became a reality through the “Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project,” an initiative supported by the Embassy of Japan. This remarkable program empowers social organizations, like the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation, by providing grants to impactful human security projects, such as in the field of healthcare. RB Merchant feels deeply honored to be associated with this significant project, as it perfectly aligns with their core mission of enhancing healthcare accessibility for the underprivileged in Nepal.

Having experienced the full capabilities of the mammography device over the last four years, the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation expressed their utmost satisfaction with its performance, particularly in the bustling Women’s Clinic located in Satdobato. The quality of images produced by the machine has been commended by the Foundation, as they enable accurate diagnosis and enhanced patient care. Additionally, the streamlined workflow of the mammography machine has significantly expedited high throughput screening, while keeping radiation exposure to a minimum, further ensuring the well-being of patients.

RB Merchant extends its heartfelt gratitude to the People of Japan, the Japanese Embassy in Nepal, and the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation for entrusting them as partners in this noble endeavor. The collaboration has brought about a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals, emphasizing the importance of fostering international cooperation in the pursuit of better healthcare solutions.

The gift of the Latest Mammography Machine from the People of Japan has undeniably strengthened the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation’s capabilities in providing critical healthcare services to the Nepalese population. The successful integration of this cutting-edge technology has not only improved the diagnosis and treatment process but has also highlighted the significance of humanitarian partnerships in advancing healthcare accessibility. RB Merchant takes immense pride in contributing to this transformative project, and they are resolute in their commitment to making healthcare technology more accessible to communities in Nepal. Together with the unwavering support from international partners and dedicated organizations like the Nepal Cancer Care Foundation, the future of healthcare in Nepal looks brighter than ever before.